Electrical Power System Reliability for Hospital & Healthcare

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes heavily rely on a steady, reliable, and well-maintained electrical power system. Even small electrical failures or faults can have devastating consequences including extensive and expensive downtime of company operations, damage of critical equipment or inventory in the event of a power outage, as well as the expense of locating and repairing the damaged electrical equipment itself. While downtime and interruptions aren't preferred by any facility healthcare facilities specifically just simply cannot afford interruptions in power.

Healthcare Depends on
Greater Electrical Power Reliability

Healthcare facilities simply cannot afford interruptions in the supply of power. From triage to treatment and follow-up modern health care depends upon a safe, seamless, and reliable supply of power. Healthcare providers, as well as patients and their families expect health care facilities to be able to provide this every minute of every day.

Major Catastrophe Preparation

Managing a health care facility's power system to that high of a standard of reliability requires thorough thought and planning. Keeping the power flowing in a health care facility means being prepared for the worst—such as the trail of injury and destruction left by high winds of the hurricanes we experience here in Florida as well as power outages caused by high volumes of lightning impact. Other natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, and floods provide times when communities depend on their health care facilities. When this happens, facilities must be prepared to protect themselves as well as ready to respond to the influx of patients.

Day-to-Day Electrical Power Maintenance

Having reliable power means having an electrical system designed also to handle all of the small, everyday threats to your power system. Even power quality fluctuations lasting only milliseconds can jeopardize the data on a healthcare facility's network, or damage sensitive laboratory or research equipment. Power outages lasting only seconds can compromise patient care and wreak havoc on clinical and financial networks.

Keeping Up With Today's Technology Demands

All or most modern equipment depends entirely on electrical power increasing the demand. As the demand increases, so does the overall electrical load, and subsequently, the inherent power quality risks. If medical operations are interrupted due to a voltage fluctuation, sag or power outage, much is at stake for the patient as well as for the physician. Power abnormalities can result in corrupted and lost data, communications lock ups, rebooting and permanent equipment damage. As hospitals and other healthcare facilities become increasingly more dependent on medical and informational technologies to support their everyday operations, the availability of clean and uninterrupted battery power becomes of supreme importance.

Systems Analysis and Design

Meeting the routine, everyday challenges as well as the catastrophic everyday challenges requires a comprehensive view and analysis of the electrical power system. Arc Flash Study Pro has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience working with hospitals and other healthcare-related facilities. We have 45+ years of experience with health care environments including several top institutions such as Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield and Morton Plant Mease BayCare Health System. Our expertise in this industry provide us with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to ensure that we can help ensure that your facility will be reliable for all of your needs.

Improved Safety

Electricity is a powerful force that must be handled carefully. Since healthcare facilities require a constant flow of quality electricity to operate they are also unfortunately more susceptable to the hazards associated with electricity when no downtime is permitted. Since downtime is not permitted, ie. the ability to turn off power while working on the electrical system, there is increased risk to employees that must work on the equipment while it is still in its energized state. Potential hazards include: electrical shock, fire, a sudden, dangerous release of electrical energy called an arc flash, or a smaller, but still dangerous, release of electrical energy called an arc fault.

The Arc Flash Study Pro, given that name from our expertise in the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, specializes in the comprehensive, scalable diagnostic studies that help identify these risks that range from simple, correctable ones to potentially catastrophic threats like arc flashes. We diagnose the entire electrical system and identify places in the power system where there is a risk of arc flash. Once the dangers are known, they can be managed with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), training, and proper equipment labeling. We will provide all the labels for labeling your equipment. There are also several other studies we include in your system analysis that help avoid damage to nearby equipment, equipment failure, proper device coordination and more. Learn more. We can provide an analysis of your system and help design it for optimal reliability and enhanced safety for employees, patients, visitors, and equipment.

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